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Australian Mortgage For Non-residents

MortgageWise, a specialty mortgage consultancy firm based in Singapore, now brings you exciting financing solutions from Singapore banks, for all your investment needs in Australia be it for a new purchase or remortgaging of your existing loan.

Being the shrewd international property investor that you are, where the world is your oyster, we hope to become your valued advisor for mortgage needs in Australia, Singapore and UK.

What You Need To Know First

Australian property financing from Singapore banks are available to Singaporeans, Singapore PRs, as well as most foreigners to Australia who are now finding it harder to get loans from banks in Australia.  However it is  NOT AVAILABLE TO TAX-RESIDENTS OF AUSTRALIA.  Which means if you are Australian national but working in Singapore and are a tax-resident here, you do get access to the facilities here for your properties back home.

How Can We Help You

MortgageWise is an established boutique mortgage consultancy firm cum distributor of mortgage products in Singapore, with a long-standing relationships with all the lenders in Singapore.  We can help facilitate the entire application process for you as we know the documents required to expedite the approval, which lender to speak to for the highest LVR that you are looking for, as well as ensuring the most competitive rates.

We do all that without charging you a fee at the moment, as we are paid by the lenders here a distribution fee which does not affect your interest and features of your loan package, otherwise we will tell you so.  This is the same business model we use for brokering of mortgages for Singapore properties.

What You Need To Consider

  • Generally the banks in Singapore lend only for purchases of apartments & completed landed property in Australia.  They do not lend for the purchases of land or construction loans.
  • Minimum loan size is AUD300,000 and the property must be of a certain minimum size (usually 50 sqm excluding balcony).
  • Most banks will only lend for properties in the 3 key cities of Sydney (New South Wales), Melbourne (Victoria) and Perth (Western Australia).  A few may lend beyond these cities but not all.
  • Financing can either be in AUD or SGD (sometimes USD when income is in USD) and each carries its own unique rewards and risks considerations which we will walk you through using our MortgageWise framework.  Sing Dollar has long been regarded as safe haven currency in this part of the world and its appreciation against other currencies including AUD may be a positive factor to investors.  The flip side, however, is the SGD benchmark interest of 3-month SIBOR’s general correlation with the US federal funds rate which is expected to rise.  Investors need to carefully consider his or her position and outlook..
  • With TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) in Singapore, there is a cap on the maximum leverage one can take on from all banks operating out of Singapore.  If you are a Singaporean or have plans to invest in another property in Singapore or even London but financing from Singapore banks, you do need to ensure you have sufficient “TDSR capacity”.

Speak to our dedicated and professional mortgage consultants at MortgageWise, located in Singapore,  and we will endeavour to bring the best-in-class financing options to all HNWI (high net worth individual) investors from Asia.

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Receive $50 Or $100 TANGS GIFT VOUCHER* (Min S$500K) When You Get A Loan Through Us!

Packages below STRICTLY NOT FOR Australian tax residents.  Singaporeans, Singapore PRs & Australian nationals in Singapore are eligible, along with foreigners to Australia considered by selected banks in Singapore but not all.  Talk to us to find out more.

* terms apply

Some Of Our Competitive Adjustable Rates

1-Nov-17INLOAN PEG+   INT   AVE 
Yr 1Yr 2Yr 3Yr 4(On)Yr 1Yr 2Yr 3Yr 4(On)Ave 3yrs
new purchase housing loanSGD3M SIBOR +2.502.502.502.503.633.633.633.633.63Click to Apply
new purchase housing loanSGD3M SIBOR +2.502.502.502.503.633.633.633.633.63Click to Apply
new purchase housing loanSGD3M SIBOR +2.502.502.502.503.633.633.633.633.63Click to Apply
new purchase housing loanSGD3M SIBOR +2.502.502.502.503.633.633.633.633.63Click to Apply
new purchase housing loanSGD3M SIBOR +2.502.502.502.503.633.633.633.633.63Click to Apply
new purchase housing loanAUD3M BBSW + to Apply
new purchase housing loanAUD3M COF +2.502.502.502.504.504.504.504.504.50Click to Apply
new purchase housing loanAUD3M COF +2.752.752.752.754.644.644.644.644.64Click to Apply
new purchase housing loanAUD3M COF + to Apply
new purchase housing loanAUD3M COF + to Apply
new purchase housing loanAUDBBSW +3.503.503.503.505.325.325.325.325.32Click to Apply


*Note the following :

  • Loan Peg refers to the benchmark used which the loan is pegged to, typically SIBOR or the bank’s own defined cost of funds (COF) for that currency that the loan is denominated in. The bank then add a spread on top of this peg to derive the final INT (interest) for the borrower.
  • SIBOR (Singapore Interbank Offer Rate) is updated weekly (see bottom of our Home page) based on rates published on ABS website which is 7 days after (from 1 Oct 2015)

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