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Why ABSD For Locals Should Be Removed

This is an opinion piece on a slightly contentious topic.  I am sure there are many views depending on which side of the aisle one’s on – already made the purchase or looking to invest in another property. Before I go on, let me clarify that I am only referring to abolishing of ABSD (Additional Buyer’s […]

Fed To Hold Rate Near Zero Till 2022

In this article, besides discussing the outcome of the latest US Federal Reserve FOMC meeting in March, we give our view on where do we see interest rate going from here.  This is especially important in view of what I’ve read in recent days that some brokers are touting fixed rate over floating rate at current […]

When Fixed And Floating Rates Collide

We are reaching the equilibrium interest rates sooner than expected. What we meant by collision of fixed and floating is when banks continue to reduce their fixed rates but raise their spreads on SIBOR floating rate home loans until the gap between the two closes up and meet somewhere.  We see this equilibrium range to be […]

SIBOR Is Now Below 0.50% – Seize 2nd Mover Advantage!

The latest 1-month and 3-month SIBOR as of 11-May is 0.37800% and 0.68567% respectively.  The 1-month SIBOR has officially broken below 0.50%!  We expect the 3-month to reach 0.50% or below as well. In our article last month, we showed a screenshot of one of our client’s notification letter from the bank on how her mortgage rate […]

Your Interest Rate Is Now 1.08%!

How many of you would like to receive a bank notification letter that looks like this: This is not a gimmick.  It’s an actual shot of a local bank’s notification letter, just received by one of our clients.  In fact, many are reporting back to us happily now that they were glad they went with our advice […]

Fixed Or Floating Rate Home Loan In 2020?

We still get quite a number of clients coming to us with that question.  Even though the benchmark interest rate 3-month SIBOR has crashed quite significantly from 1.77% at the start of the year to 0.99% (as at 8-Apr). The best analogy I could give is this: When driving up a slope, you would need to […]

Banks Start To Cut FDR Mortgage Rates

Last Modified On: 15 May, 2020 With falling SIBOR, DBS is the first to announce cuts to its popular FHR home loan peg.  It pioneered the use of fixed deposit rate to price DBS home loan since 2014 in Singapore.  Other banks soon followed suit with their own versions which collectively we refer to them as FDR […]

V-shaped Recovery? Not For Interest Rate.

In fact, the hope of a V-shaped recovery with a quick rebound in one month or two is now dissipating.  From what I gather – the talk has now moved to that of whether it’s a U-shaped or L-shaped recovery.  Even President Trump has reluctantly admitted the virus crisis might only end in Summer by July/August.  He also […]

SIBOR Crashed – A 1% Home Loan?

[NOTE: This is a time-sensitive article with offer that may end soon] 1% home loan? Not quite yet but soon.  At the rate that SIBOR is collapsing over the past week, suddenly the prospect of your home loan interest rate going all the way down to 1% becomes a real possibility.  However, you need to act fast.  Read […]