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Fed Keeping Rate At Zero Till After 2023

That’s at least three more years of interest rates staying in the doldrums here in Singapore, which tracks the US fed funds rate.  In fact, it is likely to go even beyond 2023 as what we have predicted in this blog.  Let me explain. US Fed just concluded its 2-day FOMC for September and this time all […]

New US Fed Policy – “Lower-For-Longer” Interest Rate

In a significant move by US Fed during their annual Jackson Hole, Wyoming, symposium which went virtual this year, Jerome Powell unveiled key changes made to what’s known as the committee’s “consensus statement” (Statement on Longer-run Goals and Monetary Policy Strategy) which has guided the Fed in its monetary policy actions. If you have watched […]

Is Now The Time To Buy Property?

We’ve always heard of the stock market being the leading indicator of the economy, which in turn becomes the leading indicator for the property market.  How true is that? I tried to search online for charts that show the supposed correlation between the three indices but could not find any.  So, we decided to do our own […]

Best Interest Rate For Commercial Property Loan

[Time-sensitive article, correct as of 17-Sep-2020]  It’s not always that we talk about commercial property financing (including industrial properties) in this blog.  However, we just got to shout about this ridiculous commercial property financing package at 0.69% by one major lender – that’s even below that of residential home loans! Ridiculous Rate 0.69% For Commercial Property […]

How Accurate Was Our Forecast?

Let’s be clear.  We’re not saying we always get it right 100%.  Nobody can.  But we seek to be as close to the actual outcome most of the time.  This may be a lengthy article.  But for those wondering which way interest rate will go in 2021, I am hoping this article might be your best read on the topic. […]

8 Questions To Ask Before You Refinance

Many homeowners will be reviewing their mortgage rates and rightly so with SIBOR dropping to historical lows in 2020.  This article will serve as a useful check list of questions before you sign on that dotted line.  It may take longer than usual to read, but we certainly make sure it’s worth your time. 1. How early […]

Why ABSD For Locals Should Be Removed

This is an opinion piece on a slightly contentious topic.  I am sure there are many views depending on which side of the aisle one’s on – already made the purchase or looking to invest in another property. Before I go on, let me clarify that I am only referring to abolishing of ABSD (Additional Buyer’s […]

Fed To Hold Rate Near Zero Till 2022

In this article, besides discussing the outcome of the latest US Federal Reserve FOMC meeting in March, we give our view on where do we see interest rate going from here.  This is especially important in view of what I’ve read in recent days that some brokers are touting fixed rate over floating rate at current […]