Do You Work With A Trusted Mortgage Broker?

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Until the day A.I. (artificial intelligence) takes over completely which I doubt, you will still need that human advisory on how to choose the best home loan package based on your unique needs and considerations.

Why Not Speak Directly With The Bank?

If you speak to a banker directly, he or she can only go so far as to “push” to you what is claimed as the best package in the market.  The negatives will not be revealed or highlighted.  Unlike when you work with us, an independent third-party mortgage distributor, who not only show you at-one-glance all the latest rates by the week, but gives you that historical background and all the pros and cons of each loan.

Much the same like when you want to buy a Macbook Pro, you pay the same price whether you get it from apple online, the Apple Store at Orchard, or a third-party distributor like Challenger, etc.  The difference is – you get a lot more value when you get it from a distributor who is more hungry for your business.  You get the same, if not better professional advice that encapsulates the entire product category not just on Mac.  On top of that, you get extra perks like discounts off Office for Mac, free gifts thrown in from the retailer.

Of course in any open market competition there will be varying degrees of service excellence and product knowledge.  So choose wisely who you want to work for your mortgage needs, especially for the long term.  Go with one who is not only the domain knowledge expert and thought leader in the industry, but who also demonstrated a track record of service excellence and always putting client’s interests first, instead of simply “peddling” loans or worst other investment/financial products to you.

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Why Not Work With Bankers Introduced By My Realtor?

For those who just placed the deposit for that dream home and needing a new purchase home loan, we understand you have an existing relationship with your property agent who has just helped you secure the unit you wanted, hence earning his rightful keeps as an agent.

You would naturally want to support your agent by taking the loan from the bankers he introduced.  The agent obviously love to maximise his returns on a single sale by referring his client to all sources possible including the bank who pays the same third-party distributor fee to agents or brokers alike.  We ask you to consider your own interests first as you would be the one servicing the loan for a long time, while your agent can only be there at the start.

Rather work with a professional mortgage consultant who will walk alongside you in your mortgage journey.  Consider how we do that in the following ways:

1. We Are There For You At T.O.P.

For those buying a newly-launched project, you will likely review your home loan come T.O.P. where most will be given the option of a free conversion with the existing bank.  Should you convert or move to another bank?  This is where once again we will show you the latest rates in the market and go through with you a different set of considerations now that you would be able to go for fixed rate vs floating rate mortgages.  Your agent most likely will not be there for you.

2. We Are There For You Every Time

For completed properties or those seeking refinancing, understand that most clients call us a few months late when it comes to reviewing of mortgage interests.  This is because they often do that when they receive the notice from the bank that their mortgage interest will be revised up from the following month.  A 3-month notice period is required to refinance out!

At MortgageWise, we have our in-house CRM system that will prompt us to call you 4 months before your current lock-in expires.  And we do that every 2-3 years with every client, ensuring they will never have to pay higher interest for any extra day than necessary.

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3. Enjoy Exclusive Privileges For Purchase & Refinance

As we focus a lot on creating value for our clients, for both property purchases and refinancing, we have assembled the best privileges in Singapore (as far as we know), exclusively for MortgageWise clients!

For Purchase (min loan $500,000):
Get $200 FairPrice gift card which helps offset your legal fees

For Refinance (min loan $500,000):
Get $150 FairPrice Gift Card which helps offset your valuation fees

Speak to our consultants to today to find out more.

4. Enjoy A LifeTime Of Rewards

We call it a lifetime of rewards once you choose to be a MortgageWise client.  First enjoy special tangible reward every 2-3 years should you decide to move your loan.

And it doesn’t end there yet.  We ask you to try our service first because we know how you would like your loved ones from family members to close friends to also benefit from lower mortgage interests, and from our independent and in-depth analysis.  Before you do that, you need to try us first and be assured of what we promise.  We are confident of our brand promise to every client.

And wouldn’t it nice to know that every time you refer a loved one to us successfully for his or her loan, not only do they get great service and value, you get rewarded with a $50 gift card each time.  And that is a lifetime benefit, once you become a MortgageWise client.

5. Access The Latest & Most Accurate Rates Always

Last but not least, in an ever-changing world today where interest rate (and SIBOR) can bounce up and down in short cycles, you need to stay abreast of rate movements and trends.  With MortgageWise as your mortgage consultant, you access all the latest rates literally at the push of a button – just WhatsApp us anytime and anywhere, for your own mortgage needs or your loved ones’.

And you can trust us to give you that “whole-of-market” perspective on home loan packages, even those that some banks may not be paying us from time to time.  Try us on that.

We hope by now you see the benefit of having a long-running relationship with a trusted mortgage professional.  See the faces of many of our happy clients over the years.  We service and advise from our hearts.  And we are delighted and honoured many clients are willing to vouch for our service with their photo testimonials to encourage us in our journey and continue our good work to help more people.

And we do not take this trust and support lightly.

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