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Welcome to – one of the leading mortgage broker in Singapore that offers $150 refinancing valuation fee offset (see below).

Our mortgage calculator differs from those in the market.  We have integrated it with our “real-time” Interest Rate Interactive Display engine so you see the monthly repayments across all prevailing home loan packages “at one glance” with a single entry of your outstanding loan amount and tenure.

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Refinance with a $150 Valuation Fee Offset with a minimum loan of $500,000 (terms apply), only at MortgageWise.  There is no better time to switch to the lowest fixed rate home loan package in the market now.


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Yes, you are winner when you decide to work with MortgageWise – a leading mortgage distributor for all 12 major lenders in Singapore.  Because of the volume of business we do, not only do we get you the best rates, we bring you the best overall value with our Special Legal Fee Privilege.  For private property purchases now, enjoy the special rate of $1,800 all-in legal fee (including mortgage stamp duty & GST) when you work with us (terms apply).


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