Private Property Floating Rate Mortgage

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The mortgage loan packages above are sorted and ranked in order of the lowest average mortgage  rate in the first 3 years. Three-year average rate is used as an basis for evaluation as most borrowers can refinance or switch to a different bank after this period without incurring any penalty or clawback of legal fee subsidy (if applicable).

However going with this lowest average rate may or may not be the best choice for you as everyone’s needs and circumstances are different. Some people might want to look at 2 years’ average with a view to sell the property and exit the market. Also different banks’ packages have different features which might interest or be of value to some for example single rate (or infinity rate), free switching of interest period, fixed instalment period, low re-pricing fee, or even a mortgage-linked savings account that pays the same deposit interest as your mortgage rate. Speak to an experienced mortgage broker today who can walk you through the differences and look at its total value proposition.

Mortgage rates in Singapore can be either floating or fixed.  Since 2009 after the Great Recession, we have seen lower than usual mortgage rates of below 1.5%p.a. for long periods however with the imminent economic recovery in the US that is set to change.  Clients are now advised to look at fixed mortgage rate loans which basically provide a good hedge against the rise in market rates in the next few years.

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