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It Pays To Take Your Loan Through Us


That’s right.  You are always a winner when you choose to take up your home loan through MortgageWise!  As your mortgage partner for the long-term, we bring you not just professional advice but exciting privileges over the years.

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Introducing our EXCLUSIVE and UNBEATABLE price of $1,800 NETT* (includes stamp duty/gst) for legal fee on all* private residential property purchases in Singapore,  up to $3M purchase price (terms apply see below) when your loan is taken through MortgageWise.  We understand that  a property purchase would probably ranked as the single biggest ticket item in one’s lifetime.  And unlike refinancing, the purchase conveyancing process is more complicated with the need for accurate searches and sound legal advice.  Hence, we partner with not just any law firm, but a Top-tier Law Firm that sits on the panel of almost every local and international banks in Singapore, a testament to the standing of the firm.



win legal fee subsidy from MortgageWise

Enjoy this special rate of $1,800 NETT* for all* private residential property purchases be it completed or under-construction when you take your loan through us and choose to work with our partner law firms, subject to certain terms & conditions below.  This price is all-in and includes GST and mortgage stamp duty which is sometimes excluded from some legal firm’s quote.  This represents a steep discount of at least $700 when compared to the market rate of $2,500 or more for private property purchases.

And even for refinancing, you do enjoy a special and exclusive rate from our partner law firms as well, and this is on top of the already competitive rates which are some of the lowest in the market.  Speak to our consultants today to find out more.

See the faces of our many happy clients over the years when they realised that it pays to take their mortgage from us rather than direct from the banks.  This is because not only do they get the same interest rates (in fact sometimes slightly better through us), they get the best advice, work with the best bankers in our panel, and enjoy privileges that come only with being a MortgageWise client!  So, take action today.


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*Terms & Conditions For Legal Fee Privilege

  • The exclusive legal fee for purchase applies only to a standard private residential property purchase transaction up to purchase price of S$3M and with a minimum loan size of $500,000.  It does not include non-standard items like but not limited to bridging loan facilities, fresh S&P (in the case of sub-sale), reviewing of tenancy agreements, courier charges for clients based outside Singapore, etc.
  • All private residential properties in Singapore up to $3M purchase price are valid for this privilege, with the exception of hybrid residential properties like HUDC, SIT (eg.Tiong Bahru estate pre- and post-war flats) which are excluded.  HDB properties are also excluded.
  • To qualify for the privilege, client would need to take his or her home loan with MortgageWise indicated as the referral party and appoint the partner law firm recommended by MortgageWise to act in the purchase.  The bank must also be paying a distributor (or referral) fee in full to MortgageWise for the package that the client has chosen.
  • For refinancing cases, the exclusive legal fee discount is only for a standard private residential property refinancing transaction up to a loan size of $3M, and will not include non-standard items like but not limited to applying for use of CPF for the first time, part-purchase, etc.  It will also not be applicable when there is full legal subsidy given by the bank, or when there is special tie-ups between law firms and banks from time to time.
  • Almost all banks are included in this privilege programme but certain banks may still be excluded from time to time for various reasons, and these will be made known to you.
  • The terms, mechanics, and administration of this privilege will be solely determined by MortgageWise and its partners who reserve their rights to decide in any dispute whatsoever.