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Reviewing home loans can be an onerous process, which is why many ends up paying higher interest for longer periods than necessary as they put off the decision and efforts needed due to work and family commitments.  We understand that.  Let us help make this a breeze!

At MortgageWise, this is the exact value we bring to clients seeking to refinance their home loan.  Now banks sometimes think that we may be taking business away from them.  That may be true for other mortgage brokers out there, but for us we seek to work long term with clients and we ask them to stay put should the costs outweigh any interest savings from such a move.

Generally speaking there will be two sets of costs associated with remortgaging from Bank A to Bank B – legal fees and valuation fees.  As you are changing the mortgagee bank which means a transfer of legal rights and charges and with new caveats lodged, you will need to appoint a law firm to do the transfer.  And this law firm needs to represent you as well as both the incoming and outgoing mortgagee bank (in the discharge of the existing loan).  Another set of cost will be valuation fees in order to ascertain the LTV (loan-to-value) ratio, CPF’s valuation limit, etc. based on current open market value of the mortgaged property.  For private properties up to $2m the total legal and valuation fees involved could range from $2,500 to $3,000.  Hence, at the very least, you will need to save more than this amount for any refinancing to make sense.

For example, to do a review on your existing UOB housing loan, you will need to compare what UOB offers you for re-pricing (changing the loan package only but not the mortgagee bank) with the best options out there, and do a cost-benefit analysis for each before you can arrive at the best decision.  This is where you may find our MortgageWise Interest Simulator to be extremely useful as we do a sensitivity analysis based on a set of most likely interest rate scenarios over the next few years and see what is the potential interest savings across that few packages, including your repricing offer.  Speak to our consultants today who can help you with that.





In recent years since 2014, the mortgage market has shifted from the traditional SIBOR-based housing loans to FDR-based housing loan.  These are essentially housing loan packages pegged to the bank’s chosen tranche of fixed deposit rate, which is published daily on the respective banks’ website.  FDR home loans gained popularity as they represent a “middle-ground” option between the highly-volatile SIBOR rates and the higher fixed rate home loans.  We present in this chart the most up-to-date FDR home loan packages for refinancing (completed properties) by the month:


fixed deposit rate FDR home loans

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Request for our rates report today where we summarise the latest home loan packages from each bank, and breaking down neatly for you all the pertinent information like lock-in period, refinancing legal subsidy, etc.  All at-one-glance.

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If you have yet to establish a long-term working relationship with a trusted personal mortgage consultant, start one today.  After all, mortgage interest costs over the span of 20-30 years of one’s lifetime (even if you change a few properties) can be the single biggest expenditure item for the average working class.  Surely this calls for the expertise of a dedicated full-time mortgage consultant who will call you just-in-time, every time you want to do a mortgage review!

Let us help you decide if you should simply reprice with your existing bank, or remortgage to another lender.  This is the beauty of free market competition, so you always get the best deal through MortgageWise no matter which way you decide.  Plus the following privileges now:

  • Unbeatable purchase legal fee of $1,800 all-in (terms apply) for all property purchases up to $3m.
  • Lifetime of rewards once you become a MortgageWise client


Hundreds of clients both Singaporeans here and abroad as well as foreign investors have already benefited from our unique service, accurate information & expert advice.   See their testimonials.


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Singapore money market rates updated weekly based on rates published on ABS website 7 days after (from 1 Oct 2015) :
Banks offering Singapore home loans : DBS, UOB, OCBC, Citibank, Stanchart, ANZ, Maybank, CIMB, RHB, HSBC, Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, State Bank Of India, Hong Leong Finance, Singapura Finance