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We Are Expanding!

As we start our 10th year of operations, it’s exciting time for all of us here at MortgageWise as we embark on an expansion plan.  If you are in a financial advisory role and you are one of those seeking new challenges for 2023, maybe “become your own boss”, we’ll love to speak to you.

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First, to recap some significant milestones over the years.  We have grown tremendously since 2014 from an OMO (one-man operation) working from a small rental desk at 28 Cross St (now Manulife Tower), to moving into our acquired office in 2018 at International Plaza with a small team of consultants. We had also launched our proprietary CRM system and interactive mortgage rates display that you see on this website.  We continue to deliver and add to each of the “5 levels of value” model we created and espoused, to bring you that complete mortgage advisory service second to none.

Last year, I took great pride to partner with our social service partner Montfort Care in rolling out our first social initiative which we now aim to grow our donations from $20,000 to $50,000 per annum or more going forward.  No doubt it’s not a big sum but we hope not only does it bring immediate relief to rental flat families in hard times, it will spur more companies to come forward with similar or other initiatives.  In line with Montfort Care’s mission of reaching out to “those whom the world rejects”, we want to reach out to and support those poor and weak in our midst.

That’s not all.  Internally, we’d launched an exciting career progression plan towards end of 2022 which we hope will offer an alternative path for mortgage (or financial sales) professionals outside of banks.  Leverage our brand, leads, network, CRM & system to build a happy base of clients who will follow you for a long time throughout their entire mortgage tenure.  That way, you’ll not have to chase after new clients or new leads every other year, with rising targets to meet.  Or be subject to the risk of being disrupted one day as banks continue to employ less people but more A.I. or robo-advisor with brokers/agents submitting directly to loan underwriters.  That’s already the modus operandi overseas in some markets like U.K.

What else is on the cards?  Well, something big is happening but we certainly have our trade secrets.  What’s not so secret though is clearly articulated in our vision statement:

“To free people from the stress of mortgages and provide a retirement income, both for employees and clients, so as to empower them to live their dreams and do good for the community where we operate in.”

Simple, yet a tall order.  To free people from the stress of mortgages has always been our focus in the first ten years!  To go a step beyond that is our higher calling in the next decade, along with our social mission as the company matures and grows.  There’s got to be a higher purpose for every respectable company beyond just market share or making profits.  Join us, and be part of the pioneer team to bring about this change.  I can assure you it’s going to be a highly rewarding experience, both in monetary terms and in spirits.  And it’s going to be lots of fun too.

Lowest Fixed 3.15% (Min $500k)


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We are not looking to hire in big numbers where rising costs can damage our long-term viability in this often-fickle industry (more pertaining to lenders) with thinning margins.  Rather, we are building a mid-sized team with a proven system to help first our people achieve financial independence and to provide for a source of retirement income.  If you care about the longer-term sustainability of a financial sales career, and how you can leverage a system that’s robust enough to withstand the winds of change, speak to us.

What’s your dream life? Whether that’s jet-setting around the world, an artistic pursuit, or engaging in some meaningful social causes, without financial independence it will be difficult to live your dream.  The popular but ultra-frugal FIRE movement (Financial Independence Retire Early) is not the only way to attain financial freedom. A career in mortgage advisory can also provide that pathway.  Find out more how we aim to help you achieve that.

One small step to explore, one giant leap to financial independence!

For clients or homeowners reading this, you can look forward to new ideas and enhanced service experience from a bigger and highly-motivated team at MortgageWise.  We will continue our relentless focus in delivering at all levels of the value proposition we promised.  That’s something that will never change, as we look to your continued support in 2023!

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Lowest Fixed 3.15% (Min $500k)