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MortgageWise Philosophy

I have covered the benefits of using a mortgage consultant (or broker) in a previous article.  Here let us complete the picture and explain why you should consider working with us and what we hope our brand MortgageWise can deliver to you – over and over again.

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First let us recap the generic benefits of working with an independent consultant rather than a mortgage specialist who can only represent one lender:

  • It’s more efficient– saving you time and effort in the search
  • It’s more effective– wholistic view with unbiased advisory
  • You get better service– relational rather than transactional in nature
  • Works for the long term– regular portfolio review and refinance early
  • Don’t miss the best deals – special privileges or concessions through established intermediaries

Let’s say you are convinced on taking your loan through a broker this time instead of going direct to the bank, how do you select the right broker and someone you could relate well with and whom you trust?  This is not unlike selecting an insurance or financial advisor.

Obviously the person you are dealing with is important and ought to make you feel comfortable and confident with his or her service and subject matter knowledge. Trust goes even further than that.  At MortgageWise this is what we focus all our energies and resources to deliver on over and over again – a trusted partnership for the long term.

On top of the generic benefits of using a professional mortgage consultant as described earlier, what MortgageWise bring to you can be summarized using the acronym V.A.L.U.E.S.

Vested Interest

This is the first and foremost – building trust. We have a vested interest in helping you manage your interest costs well over the long term, not just one-time. We present to you the “whole of markets” offers available at any point in time, even those that other brokers will not tell you – because the lenders are not paying when there is a referral party to the loan, or it’s a loan package that the lender cuts the distributor fee.  Most brokers will keep mum hoping clients will not know about these packages, but we tell them.  There is no need for us to provide “free advertising” for such packages when lenders are not paying us, so you will not find the rates listed on our website.  However when you speak to our consultants and in our rates report you will see truly “whole of markets” comparison and analysis.

Why do we do that?  Very simple – our philosophy is to work long-term.  We do not need to close every deal but you want you to remember our brand promise.  We ask clients to reprice when repricing makes sense, notwithstanding that means one less deal for us.  We tell clients not to be “seduced” by certain promotional gimmicks, or warn them on certain cashback arrangements with the intermediary.  By working with a trusted mortgage advisor who acts aboveboard in the long term, we are very confident we will help you save much more than any short term gain.

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We organize and track all pertinent data that help clients make their decision.  Not many of our competitors go to such lengths.  And we follow financial news closely to give the lowdown on interest rate movements and present our own forecast.  We show you the often overlooked factors to consider when doing remortgaging, including some finer details and the pros and cons of working with each lender unknown to many, an industry-specific knowledge we acquire over time, or if you like call it “insider knowledge”.  We spill all the beans, so you make the most informed decision.  Not to mention we have the most updated mortgage rates amongst all mortgage comparison sites in Singapore, which is testament to the speed that we operate at.

As financial market moves fast and rate changes by the weeks at times, the consultants team at MortgageWise meets weekly to discuss and dissect what is out there in the market and you will benefit from this critical insight, plus the collective learning and wisdom of all our clients.

Long-term Partnership

This is somewhat related to the point on vested interest above but here I will stress not so much on the “transparency” of rates, but the long-term benefits of working with a trusted mortgage consultant over the tenure of your loan.  And this is not going to be the only loan you will take.  Besides giving you that “whole of market” approach to mortgage packages each and every time you do a review, we make sure we do it early and on time.

Many mortgage brokers will talk about long term partnership but not many can deliver on this when their entire business operations and mindset is geared toward short term tactics like price cuts and kickbacks.  We would rather focus on adding and creating longer term value for our clients each year through our competitive advantages.  Our systems and processes in place are set up to deliver this long term value which brings me to the next point.

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United Team (for you)

Over the last three years of our operations, we have forged a strong team of bankers and our legal firm partner(s) to bring you a one-stop shop service when it comes to mortgages.  We have carefully picked and continuously assessed our elite team of bankers who understand our brand value.  We forge partnerships with law firm(s) and companies that could bring you real value, not just to “tap our base” to sell their products and services.  Our backend processes have been set up to deliver speed, accuracy and service excellence evident from our long list of accolades we received on our website. It may not be 100% perfect score, but we try to go close.

From the moment you say “go”, the whole team kicks into place to make sure your entire process of buying a condo in Singapore, or refinancing home loan, is a walk in the park.

Exclusive Deals & Privileges

As the mortgage industry evolves, we see the shifting patterns of mortgage search that even lenders will have to take notice.  Over the next few years this trend will continue with more people looking for the best mortgage rates online the moment they receive interest revision notice from their banks.  More people will engage professional mortgage brokers and the industry will go through consolidation and the bigger players with longer-term vision and focus on service excellence will grow in volume and get more exclusive deals and privileges for their customers from the lenders.  We are already giving such special privileges from time to time to our esteemed clients who put their trust in us.  To this end you can expect us to do more hard negotiations to get you better rates or more exclusive privileges.

Smaller players who resort to price undercutting will find themselves unable to compete in the long run.  There is no free lunch.  Work with a professional and fast-growing outfit to best safeguard your interest and always access the best deals out there, unknown to the general market.

We do run two ongoing promotions for our existing clients.  Check website for details.  This is just our little way of showing our appreciation for giving us your business and your trust.  What’s more important, and what we rather focus on, is to deliver on speed, accuracy and service excellence.

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Service Experience

Service can mean a lot of things to different people – speed, accuracy, product knowledge, analysis, convenience, etc.  It is a tall order but we do our best, and we keep improving.  When you place your trust in a company that makes this one of its core value, along with being totally transparent on rates and packages, you would have made life a lot easier for yourself by knowing who to call as and when you need to do a review on your mortgage costs.  And not just who to call, but who to trust – someone who promise to give you the best mortgage rates out there every time.

So speak to us today for all your Singapore home loan needs and let us start a partnership for the long term together.

At MortgageWise.sg, we seek to provide thought leadership in the area of mortgage planning in Singapore, taking deep dive into developments and news on mortgages & helping clients track interest rate movements.  We do not just go for one-time business with clients but rather choose to build long trusting relationships by giving truly independent advice to the extent of losing the deal.  We strive to become the first-choice mortgage partner for homeowners and the creditable distributor of mortgage products for banks and financial institutions in Singapore.

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