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Residential Rental Market Q1 2018

At, we aim to provide our property investor clients with a snapshot of the performance of Singapore residential rental market regularly through our own basket of condos which provides more meaningful and personal insights than just a broad-based index from URA. After all, properties are not created equal and some will rise or fall more than the rest.

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The condos selected in the basket are deemed iconic enough to be representative of prices in a particular precinct that is smaller than a whole central region or outside central region as defined by URA.  For areas outside central region we pick condos either right at or near to MRT stations as these tend to be well sought after by investors.  Property investors buying Singapore condos can then gauge how much the target units in the same precinct could technically command after adjusting for distance, age, etc. after comparing with this basket of fairly well-known and popular condos in Singapore.  However, our illustration is nothing more than simple averages of all transactions done over 6-month periods (all data from URA) so do take the reading with a pinch of salt.

We also indicate the highest rent achieved in the period so investors who do happen to have a unit at these same condos will know they are getting a reasonably good rate if their rent is somewhere between the average and the highest rent signed.

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