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Be A Winner With UP TO $500 Vouchers On DBS Home Loan

**********  THIS PROMOTION HAS ENDED ON 28 JUN 2016!  ************

Yes, that’s right.  But first I need to be clear.  We are giving away UP TO $500 (based on loan size, see below) Tangs gift vouchers and these do not come from DBS, but from us here at MortgageWise.  We are slashing our margins down this month just so that our clients do not lose out coming to us for the same package.

If you are keen (this is only for those who choose DBS home loans) you need to act really quick.  As this is our one-off tactical response to DBS’s Dyson fan promotion (only for those who apply their loans direct to the bank, see their website), so once they end we will end our promotion too, without any prior notice.  And going by our estimates, their “while stocks last” basis could finish anytime now, so you do run the risk of not getting the fan by the time your application is approved.

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We have decided to extend our Additional Vouchers for DBS loans to end now on 28 Jun (loan to be signed by this date), or such time when DBS ends its promotion whichever is earlier.

1. Why Are We Selling Only DBS Home Loans?

No we are not.  We are independent mortgage consultant and distributor of mortgage solutions and we distribute for all lenders, not just DBS.  Refer to our rates page to see all the packages by our bank parnters, both fixed and floating.

In fact with recent U-turn by US Fed following June’s FOMC, there is now growing sentiments that rates might stay down lower for longer periods than initially thought.  Hence some might still prefer to take a chance with shorter 2-year but lower fixed rates from 1.65% up by two other banks, especially for sizeable loans.  Speak to our consultant to find out more before you refinance home loan.

We recommend DBS 3-year fixed rate package (only for completed properties) as it clearly combines both the benefits of a fixed rate mortgage and that of a “constant spread” floating rate mortgage, albeit at a slightly higher premium.  Read our earlier article on this.  For those taking up new loans for under construction projects, speak to us and we may have other recommendations for you.

2. Why Are We Giving Away So Much?

Very candidly, we do not have a choice.  DBS is going all out for market share this month (and we will give you our take on why so in this blog later, do follow us), and they are giving a Dyson fan worth $779 and $1099 (two models depending on loan size) on a “while stocks last” basis and that is only applicable to those who apply directly to the bank, not through external distributors like us.

We are thus forced to shave our margins this month for clients who opt for DBS loans, by enhancing the value of our Tangs voucher rewards in order that our clients do not lose out when they choose to take their DBS loans through us.

Even at such reduced margins, we are still unable to match the retail value of the DBS premiums.  We can only hope that clients take a longer term perspective and want to build a relationship with his/her trusted mortgage consultant who has top professionalism and integrity in this business.  We are confident that over the long run, with our cutting-edge analysis and strategic view of developments in the market, coupled with close tracking of any interest rate movements and early reminders to you to refinance whenever a good offer comes up, we will save you in interest costs many folds over the value of a fan.

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3. Why Do We Tell Clients Openly About DBS Dyson Fan Promotion And Drive Business Away?

This has to do with our core mission – to always be open and transparent in giving full disclosure to our valued clients and let them make the choice.  In fact we will not be surprised some of our competitors out there might not even breathe a word about it, hoping their clients don’t find out.

We have faith that once we have proven our worth as professional mortgage consultants to them, clients will stick by us.  We have proven this time and again by informing clients that for certain packages some banks are not paying us any distributor fee at times and they would need to go direct to the bank!  For example, DBS Treasures clients, Citigold clients, etc.

And now we take this one step further, not only do we tell you about interest rates which are applicable only for direct applicants to the bank, we let you know as well on attractive promotions banks run on that same basis.  The choice is always yours.  Yes we are indeed driving business away by doing that but we hope enough people would value our business model and core mission and choose to go through us instead so that we can continue to survive as a going concern, and continue to deliver value to our trusted clients.

4. Why Should Someone Take The Loan Through MortgageWise Instead Of Directly With DBS?

We are not going to put the cart before the horse.  At end of the day, understand that we do not compete on vouchers or any such promotions.  That is just a small thank you gesture on our part.  Rather we want to focus on giving clients the best independent advice based on what is in their best interests given the outlook on interest, and not just one-time, but every time his loan comes up for renewal.  Unlike bankers who can only give you perspective on products from one bank, or who is likely to do your business only one-time, we seek to earn your trust and confidence so that we can do repeat business with you!

As we focus on customer lifetime value in our business, we hope you see the “lifetime value” we bring to you as well over the course of your entire loan duration.  And if you can somehow add up all the savings over the years, I am very sure you will agree that is certainly worth much more than any promotion that any bank could offer you.  Just like an F1 race, if you want to be champion, you need to be a winner not just one-time, but every time!

Why not just give us a try today?  Speak to our consultants now with absolutely no obligations. There is no loss.  After going though our rates report and discussion with our consultants, should you decide to go with DBS and prefer to apply to the bank direct, we will respect your decision. No worries at all.  We will just take that as a reminder that we need to work even harder and bring even greater value to our clients going forward.

At MortgageWise.sg, we seek to provide thought leadership in the area of mortgage planning in Singapore, taking deep dive into market developments & helping clients track interest rate movements.  Make a difference to the way you plan your mortgage today by consulting with a professional whose insights, experience and independent advice you could benenfit from, instead of going directly to the banks for their “standalone” views. We strive to become your first-choice mortgage partner and the creditable distributor of home loan products for lenders in Singapore.

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